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This program's successor is z64convert
zzconvert is a 3D model converter that compiles .obj[ex] files into F3DZEX microcode for use in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

Feature List
  • Imports and compiles rigged and animated meshes from Blender.
  • Easily configurable assembly-controlled textures (ex: eyes, mouths).
  • Automatically crops textures if mirroring or repeating are detected, and updates UV coordinates accordingly.
  • Textures can share palettes to save space.
  • Allows converting both visual meshes and collision data.
  • Clamping and reflectivity ("texgen") are preserved if defined in Blender.
  • Solid-colored textures will convert as colored geometry to save space.
  • Large textures (64x64, 32x128, etc) are automatically indexed to 16 colors.
  • User can define textures as existing within gameplay_keep. They will not be written and the gameplay_keep version will be used instead.
  • Duplicate textures are omitted.
  • Unsupported texture dimensions are automatically scaled to nearest power-of-two size (ex: 27x65 -> 32x64, 512x512 -> 64x64).
  • Tiny texture mode to cut down file-size if your mod is intended to rely on a texture pack.
  • Neat and tidy C style output for easier integration into custom actors.
  • Compatible with original Nintendo 64 hardware.
  • Fits on your favorite floppy disk.
  • Dr.Disco - zzconvert
  • CrookedPoe - io_export_objex co-developer; later-stage hardware testing and lots of testing/debugging in general; Link templates
  • CDi-Fails - Extremely thorough testing/debugging all through development
  • Ideka - Lots of early-stage hardware testing/debugging

Version 0.01 r7 (Windows/Linux)



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