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zztexview is a program for viewing, converting, and locating texture data in Nintendo 64 rom images and files dumped from them. Much inspiration was taken from Texture64.

  • Texture search
  • Before you ask: yes, texture search supports color-indexed formats
  • Export/import makes changing textures easy
  • Yes: color-indexed formats are supported here as well
  • Create new files from one or more PNGs
  • External palettes
  • Entirely self-contained in one executable, with no external dependencies like the .NET Framework
  • Easily fits on the same floppy disk as my other software
  • Windows XP
  • Intuitive controls
  • No split palettes
  • No window resizing
  • (use Texture64 if you need those features)
Pro Tips
  • First, click the Open button, or drag-and-drop a binary file onto the left pane.
  • Left-click any preview to bring up the Import/Export PNG dialog.
  • Now try right-click-dragging in any preview area by moving your cursor into it, pressing and holding the right mouse button, and then dragging up or down. If you do it right, you'll notice that this allows you to scroll through the file.
  • The mouse wheel nudges you along one pixel at a time. Use it for fine adjustments.
  • In a value box, you can mouse wheel for fine adjustments, or right-click-drag to increase or decrease the value rapidly. Try it in the value boxes that control the dimensions of the Custom preview. You can also edit a value box normally by clicking it.
  • Mouse wheel on any drop-down menu to quickly navigate through its items without having to click. If you prefer clicking, click.
Everything else is explained in the manual, which can be accessed from within zztexview at any time. It is worth a read if you plan on using the program for more than just viewing textures. Have fun!


zztexview rev 1