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zzromtool is a filesystem management utility for the debug version of Ocarina of Time. The goal of this tool is to simplify the modding workflow and make it easier to manage large projects.

The Workflow
  • Dump the game's filesystem.
  • Add, change, or remove files as you see fit. Please read the manual for more information on how to do what.
  • Build a new rom.
Feature List
  • Supports adding (not just replacing) scenes, objects, overlays (actors), particle effects, shaders, entrances, and entrance cutscenes.
  • Easier approach to entrance editing so your custom maps can be interconnected.
  • Title card creation for custom maps.
  • Compress your rom while building it (optional).
  • Keeps track of what files are where so you don't have to.
  • Newbie-friendly alternative to using a "rom decomp".
  • Compatible with original Nintendo 64 hardware.
  • Fits on your favorite floppy disk.

This tool is mostly my work, but without these guys, it may have never been finished:

AriaHiro Wii Virtual Console testing

CDi-Fails Very early testing

CloudMax code1 ram hack

CrookedPoe Very early testing

E-Gor Biggest thanks to you, dude! Without your incredibly thorough hardware testing and bug smashing help, it would have never been finished!

Version 0.01 r4 (Windows/Linux)