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zzrtl revision 1, codec patches

posted Feb 1, 2020, 5:29 PM by z64me   [ updated Feb 1, 2020, 5:29 PM]
zzrtl has received the following updates. Also, codec patches are now available.

r1 changes
    - added compression codecs ucl, xz7, slowyaz
    - added support for deleted files in MM dmadata
      specification (aka pstart == pend == -1)
    - added rearchive(), file_dma(), and cloudpatch()
    - added --compress command line argument so zzrtl
      can be used as a standalone rom compressor
    - added --nocache command line argument for doing
      compression without generating a cache folder
    - added --cloudpatch command line argument for
      easy command line cloudpatching
    - added --help command line argument so a massive
      wall of documentation doesn't pop up and scare
      double-clickers away
    - stability improvements
    - when compressing a file makes it larger, its
      uncompressed counterpart is used instead
    - better compressed file packing

r1 notes
    - individual files compressed with slowyaz are
      byte-identical to those in retail roms; aside
      from weird corner cases, there is no reason
      you should use slowyaz; it is slower than yaz
      and produces files slightly larger than yaz...
    - it should now contain everything necessary
      to support Majora's Mask

r1 credits
    - Mikau6, CrookedPoe - hardware testing