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zzromtool revision 4, zzconvert revision 6

posted Jun 30, 2019, 2:25 PM by z64me   [ updated Jul 10, 2019, 6:59 PM]
zzromtool improvements
  • scene folder and entrance-cutscenes.txt names should now be fixed for good
  • can now use patching system on actor overlays and code1
  • roms dumped with r2 now rebuild with r4 (bug report credit AriaHiroDKD)
zzconvert improvements
  • Can now write ZOBJ as C code for embedding into an actor overlay (like the Arwing, spells, and elemental arrows).
  • C output #define values are now prefixed with 0x as they should be.
  • Collision (group names ending in _COLLISION are treated as such) (reference the updated manual for information on collision flags)
  • Smoother animations (bug report credit Zel)
  • Animated texture banks are now indexed to 256 colors to reduce potential errors
  • Group names ending in _OBJECT or _COLLISION will be translated such that their Blender origin will be moved to the origin of world space (requires latest OBJEX).